Post-it Z-notes Lined 101x101mm Yellow Ref R440-SSCY-EU [Pack 5]
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Post-it? Super Sticky Notes hold stronger and longer than most sticky notes so you can be sure that your message gets through. Perfect for vertical and hard to stick to surfaces. They make your work effective & simplifies your everyday life. They are super strong, super versatile and offer super stand out.

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On PromotionNo
Pages90 Sheets
TypeRepositional Notes
Warranty12 Months
Paper ColourCanary Yellow
AdhesiveSuper Sticky
Pad FormZ Notes
Environment SupportPEFC Certified


90 Sheets
Canary Yellow
Choose from lined, neon, asparagus or rainbow colours
Fan-folded to pop up one after another
Holds stronger and longer!
Made from 100% PEFC certified paper fibre
Made with 60 % renewable resource adhesive from plant that grows annually
Made with 60% renewable resource adhesive from a plant that re grows annually
Post-it Z-Notes are always on hand and they pop up one at a time so it's easy to just peel and write
Printed lines help to keep your notes neat and tidy
Size: 101x101mm
The modern classic
Their super-strong adhesive make them stick even more securely than original Post-it? Notes
Use with Post-it Z-Note dispensers for one handed dispensing

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