5 Star Office Index Arrow 5 Bright Colours 25x42mm 5 Packs of 25 Flags [Pack 5]
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5 Star Office™ Index Arrows are positionable film tabs that are ideal for highlighting and indexing important information on your documents. This pack contains five different brightly coloured arrows (yellow, green, red, orange and blue) on a card backing from which the flags can easily be removed one at a time . The arrows have a water based adhesive that will stick to virtually any surface but does not leave any residue, but enable you reposition the arrows. The arrows are 25x42mm.

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Brand5 Star office
ColourAssorted Colours
On PromotionNo
TypePage Markers
Warranty12 Months
Adhesive TypeRepositionable
Label Size25x42mm
In DispenserNo
Number of Flags125
Pad TypeArrow
Writeable OnYes


Easy to remove one arrow at a time from the backing card
Easy to write on surface
Five sets of 25 arrows on each card, one each of brightly coloured tips in yellow, green, red, orange and blue
Removable arrows for easy indexing
Transparent film on half of arrow so that you can easily see text underneath
Will stick on virtually any surface

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