Navigator Universal Paper Multifunctional 80gsm A4 Wht Ref NUN0800033 [5 x 500Shts]
Product Code: 362003
Pack Of 5
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Trusted performance that always delivers. Improved surface for better printing quality and lower toner consumption.


ManufacturerThe Navigator Company
On PromotionYes
TypePlain Paper
Other Enviro DetailsISO14001 & ISO9001 Mill Management
Paper ColourWhite
For CopiersYes
For Inkjet PrintersYes
For Laser PrintersYes
Thickness110 micron
EU Ecolabel AccreditedYes
FSC® CertifiedYes
CIE Whiteness169
Elemental ChLorine FreeYes
Pulp TypeECF
Country of OriginPortugal
Environment SupportFSC and EU Ecolabel Certified


100% guaranteed for use in laser, Inkjet printers and copiers
99.9% jam free means lower cost per print
Colour: White
Extra smooth surface for improved print quality
Fewer jams means a lower cost per printed document
FSC? Certified
Good thickness and high white smooth finish for producing excellent results on printed documents
Increased productivity - 99.99% paper jam free
Multifuntional - 100% guaranteed on all printers and copiers
Navigator Universal, premium office A4 paper in 80gsm
Pack of 2500
Premium bright white paper with a silky touch
Ream wrapped 5 x 500 sheets
Silky touch - extra smooth surface
Size: A4
Special surface treatment - provides excellent printing quality on inkjet due to smarter ink absorption
Suitable for copiers, fax and laser and inkjet printers
Treated surface provides excellent ink absorption
Whiteness 169

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