Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Tape Roller 5mmx6m Ref 932564 [Pack 10]
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Pack Of 10
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Dry correction roller covers up mistakes quickly and effectively. Easy to use - simply roll cassette over your mistake to leave a covering of smooth opaque film. Tape can be written on immediately.


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TypeCorrection Media
ContentsPack of 10
FormCorrection Tape
Pack Size5mmx6m
Tape Size5mmx5m
Tape ConstructionTear-resistant polyester film


5mm wide x 6m long, pack of 10 tapes
Accurate application for both left and right handers
Extra compact size
High quality coverage with instant rewriting and no drying time
Instant correction
Materials have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal-based products
Mini correction tape for neat and instant correction.
Mini size: ideal for pencil case
Pack of 10
Tape size: 5mm x 5m
Tape size: 5mm x 6m
Tear resistant plastic film
Ultra compact iconic correction tape with paper-based film meaning it can easily fit into your pencil case
Wide tape covers all types of handwriting precisely for instant re-writing.

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