5 Star Office Pencil with Eraser HB Red Barrel [Pack 12]
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Pack Of 12
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These Q-Connect HB pencils are of the highest quality, giving you both soft shading and stark, powerful lines that are perfect for all situations. The rubber tip allows you to erase mistakes easily. This pack contains 12 pencils.


Brand5 Star office
ManufacturerThe OT Group
On PromotionNo
TypeOffice Pencils
FormWood Cased Pencils
Barrel ColourOrange
Lead GradeGrade HB
Eraser TipYes


Can provide soft shade and sharp lines
Eraser allows you to eradicate mistakes
Grade: HB
Hexagonal barrel for comfortable use
High quality HB ideal for everyday use
High value alternative to big brands
Pack of 12

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