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Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse Correction Tape Roller 4.2mmx10m White (Pack 10) - 8207892 Pack of 10 Disposable correction roller. Fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Instantly dry tape. 42mm width. Tape length: 9 metres. Packed 10. 4.2mm width.
Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Tape Roller 5mmx6m White (Pack 10) - 932564 Pack of 10 Compact design correction tape with a paper-based film. Fun mouse-shaped design with transparent body. High quality coverage with instant rewriting. Correction tape size: 5mm wide x 6m long.
Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid Bottle 20ml White (Pack 10) - 8859924 Pack of 10 Tipp-Ex Rapid Fluid (White). Size: 20ml. Unique foam applicator for precise and broad correction. Foam wedge applicator for clean and easy use - no clogging. Fast drying formula. Ideal for all types of paper correction. Will not chip, peel or crack. Non-ozone depleting. No stains or splashes.
5 Star Office Rollerball Correction Pen Fine Metal Tip Applicator 12ml White [Pack 12] Pack of 12 For accurate correction. Pinpoint application. Packed 12. Contains 12ml fluid.
5 Star Office Correction Tape Roller Disposable 4.2mmx8.5m [Pack 12] Pack of 12 No mess, disposable correction tape roller. Packed 12. Tape 4.2mm x 8.5m.
5 Star Office Correction Fluid Fast-drying with Integral Mixer Ball 20ml White [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Correction fluid. Integral mixer ball for consistency. Good coverage over all inks. Fast drying. 20ml bottle. Colour: White. Packed 10.
Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid Fast-drying 20ml White Ref 8959501 [Pack 15 & 5] Pack of 1 High quality correction fluid. Foam wedge applicator for precise and clean use. Quick drying formula is ideal for all types of paper correction. 20ml bottle. Packed 15 plus 5 FREE.
5 Star Office Side Correction Tape Roller 4.2mmx8.5m [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Sideways application for easy and accurate use. No mess - quick and clean application. Packed 10. Tape: 4.2mmx8.5m.
Tipp-Ex Shake n Choose 2 in 1 Correction Fluid Pen 15ml White Ref 9017312 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Tipp-ex Shake & Choose, the 2-in-1 correction pen. Large foam applicator and precise correction pen tip allow choice of methods. 15ml. Packed 10.
Pentel Micro Correct Precision Tip Correction Fluid Pen White (Pack 12) - ZL31-W Pack of 12 Fine metal tip for precise cover-ups. No mess and no waste. Trichloroethane-free formula. Valve controlled flow for smooth coverage. Easy to control lozenge-shaped barrel. Contains 12ml fluid. Packed 12.
Tipp-Ex Shake and Squeeze Correction Fluid Pen 8ml White (Pack 10) 802423 - 8024223 Pack of 10 Tipp-Ex formula in a squeezable pen-like body with fine point for precise correction. Super smooth application. Instant start. Quick drying, good coverage and easy rewriting. Packed 10.
Tipp-ex Ecolutions Easy Refill Correction Tape Roller 5mmx14m (Pack 10) 87942420 Pack of 10 Easy to use refillable correction tape. Created for smooth and accurate applications. 14m - ideal for heavy users. Includes a remaining tape indicator. 5mm width. Packed 10.
Pritt Compact Flex Correction Roller 4.2mm x 10m - 2700455 Pack of 1 "This Pritt Compact Correction Roller allows you to neatly cover mistakes and type or write over them, making corrections simpler. The tape design is dry and clean, and can be immediately overwritten for fast correction. The self-protected wind up mechanism and tightening screw prevents the roller f...
Pritt ECO Flex Correction Roller 4.2mm x 10m - 2679526 Pack of 1 "The Pritt ECOmfort Correction Roller corrects mistakes quickly with a sideways applicator that makes it easy to use precisely. Unlike correction fluid, the tape can be overwritten immediately for crisp, unblurred writing. It's also eco-friendly, made with plastic extracted from corn plants and leav...
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