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5 Star Facilities Washing-up Liquid Lemon 5 Litres Pack of 1 Versatile detergent for cleaning dishes and most hard surfaces. Lemon fragranced. 5 Litres.
5 Star Facilities Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1 Litre Pack of 1 Clean and freshen your toilet. 1 Litre.
Cif Professional Oxygel All Purpose Cleaner Professional Active Oxygen Ocean 5 Litre Ref 1014235 Pack of 1 Liquid gel with an active oxygen-based bleach to help lift dirt more effectively. Ocean. 5 litres.
Domestos Professional Bleach Original Thick 24hr Rinse Proof 5L Ref 1016005 Pack of 1 Concentrated thick bleach with detergent. Effective against a wide range of germs.
Fairy Liquid for Washing-up Lemon 433ml Ref 1015072 [Pack 2] Pack of 1 Fragrance: Lemon. Size: 433ml. Pack of 2.
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Bentley Toilet Brush Set with Holder White Ref P3302 Pack of 1 Toilet Brush with holder. White.
Lu Blue Toilet Cleaner Freshener Tablet Ref N04169 [Pack 12] Pack of 1 Cleans and freshens your toilet with every flush. Packed 12.
Carex Liquid Soap Hand Wash 250ml Ref 91055 Pack of 1 Contains moisturisers to protect against dry skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. Size: 250ml.
Mr Sheen Original Polish Aerosol Spray 4 in 1 Multi Surface 300ml Ref 0341189 Pack of 1 Mr Sheen. 4 in 1 cleans, shines, protects and fragrances. Multi surface. Size: 300ml.
Maxima Concentrated Washing Up Liquid Lemon 1 Litre Ref 1015004 Pack of 1 Volume: 1 Litre. Fragrance: Lemon.
5 Star Facilities Dishwasher Rinse Aid 5 Litres Pack of 1 Concentrated dishwashing additive used in the final rinse of a dishwasher cycle. Special drying agents to reduce drying time and eliminate spotting on dishes, cutlery and glassware. Formulated to ensure that food and chemical residues are not re-deposited on your dishes during the final rinse cycle....
5 Star Facilities Machine Dishwash Liquid Detergent 5 Litres Pack of 1 Machine dishwasher detergent. Removes stubborn dirt. Can be used in soft and hard water environments. Do not use on delicate china, plastic or lead crystal. Do not allow contact with zinc, aluminium, magnesium or their alloys. 5 Litres.
Cif Professional Cream Cleaner Lemon 500ml Ref 1005046 Pack of 1 Cif Cleaner. Cream. Lemon Fragranced. 500ml. Good for removing Baked on Food, Limescale and Stubborn Dirt.
Fairy Liquid for Washing-up Original 900ml Ref 73406 Pack of 1 Original Washing Up Liquid. 900ml per bottle.
Finish Professional Powerball Dishwasher Tabs Ref RB088851 [Pack 125] Pack of 1 Suitable for 1-5 min short cycles. Pack of 125 tablets.
5 Star Facilities Disinfectant Wipes Anti-bacterial PHMB-free BPR Low-residue 200x230mm [500 Wipes] Pack of 1 Non QUAT and Non PHMB (Biguanide Formulation). Conforms with Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR). Halal Compliant. Sheet Size: 20cm x 23cm. A Quat and PHMB free Sanitizing disinfectant cleaning wipe for hard surfaces for the food Manufacturing, catering and healthcare markets. Low human toxins. Low r...
Maxima Antibacterial Spray 750ml Ref 1014101 [Pack 2] Pack of 1 Anti-bacterial Spray. Volume: 750ml. Pack of 2.
5 Star Facilities Spray & Wipe Bleach Bactericidal Cleaner 750ml Pack of 1 Spray and wipe with bleach. For use on most washroom surfaces. Kills most commonly found bacteria. A ready-to-use bactericidal cleaner for use on most washroom surfaces including: wash basins, sinks, tiles, cabinets, it is perfect for making grout line look like new. 750ml.
Parazone Thick Bleach 750ml Ref 1016014 Pack of 1 Kills 99.9% of germs wherever they are. Gives you total reassurance that your loo is clean and safe.
Economy Handwash Unperfumed Anti-bacterial 250ml Pack of 1 Fragrance Free. Volume: 485 ml.
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