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Salt Spreader Coverage 3m Capacity 22kg Pneumatic Tyres Rain Cover Hopper Screen Pack of 1 Superb range of spinner style salt spreaders. Come with rain cover and hopper screen. Adjustable gearbox. These spreaders should only be used with salt of British Standard BS3247 and ice melt. The salt should be dry and free flowing. All models have pneumatic tyres. All three have a spread width of ...
Ice Melt Tub with Scoop 18.75kg Pack of 1 No rust or concrete corrosion. No damage to carpets, floors or plants. Non toxic. Air tight tubs ensure a long life.
Rock Salt De-icing 25kg Brown [Packed 40] Pack of 1 Contains a small quantity of anti-caking additive to maintain spreading properties after prolonged storage. Meets BS 3247. Not as pure as white salt and therefore not as clean to use.
Mini Grit Bin Lockable with Scoop and 25kg Salt Bag Pack of 1 Ideal for gritting driveways and steps. Compact, lockable and heavy duty. Environmentally friendly made from recycled polyethylene. Moulded tread pattern on the lid so can be used as a step. 30 litre capacity (305x475x383mm). Lockable, supplied with 2 keys.
Salt Bag De-icing 25kg White [Packed 20] Pack of 1 White, high purity de-icing salt enables you to use less salt far more effectively. Clean to handle and leaves no residue on the ground. Complies with BS 3247.
Winter Screen Wash 5 Litre Pack of 1 Screen Wash. 5 Litres.
De-Icer Trigger Spray 750ml Pack of 1 Trigger Spray. 750ml.
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