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Keepsafe Earplugs Moulded Reusable Ref 254162 [Pack 200] Pack of 1 Corded Earplugs. Moulded and Reusable. Orange/Yellow. Pack of 200.
3M Refill Earplugs Hypoallergenic Foam SNR37dB for 1100 Dispenser Ref 1100R [500 Pairs] Pack of 1 Disposable Ear Plugs Ear Plug Refill. Soft hypoallergenic polyurethane foam. Smooth dirt-resistant surface. SNR 31dB.
JSP SoundStop Ear Plugs PU Foam Yellow with Black Band Ref AEE090-070-2G1 [Pack 40] Pack of 1 Can be conveniently stored around the neck when not in use. Lightweight and comfortable to use over prolonged periods. Easy to fit non-invasive design - earplugs do not penetrate the ear canal. Soft foam plugs - Mould easily to achieve comfortable fit. SNR=21. Conforms to EN 352-1.
3M Ear Plugs Hypoallergenic Foam Tapered Design Refill Bottle Ref 1100B [500 Pairs] Pack of 1 Roll down earplugs offers great comfort and good protection. Soft hypoallergenic foam material for lower pressure inside the ear. Smooth, dirt-resistant surface for better hygiene, durability and comfort. Tapered design fits most ear canals making the plugs easier to use. 500 pairs.
Keepsafe Earplugs Detectable Corded Ref 254163 [Pack 200] Pack of 1 Corded Foam Earplugs. Detectable. Blue. Pack of 200.
JSP SoundStop Ear Plugs Corded PU Foam Yellow Ref AEE090-060-2G1 [100 Pairs] Pack of 1 Self-adjusting to minimise pressure on the ear canal and to maximise noise protection. Conforms to EN352-2.
Keepsafe Earplugs Moulded Detectable Corded Ref 254164 [Pack 200] Pack of 1 Moulded Corded Earplugs. Detectable. Blue. Pack of 200.
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