Pentel N50 Permanent Marker Bullet Tip 2.2mm Line Black (Pack 12) - N50-A
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Pentel Black N50 is a robust everyday permanent marker. This Robust permanent marker will write on almost any surface including metal, wood, glass, card and plastic. It has a metal barrel, perfect for long lasting in more harsh working environments! No wonder they're the number one choice for industry and commerce. The ink is fast drying yet rich in colour. Ink flow is controlled by a valve mechanism to allow a precise application.


ManufacturerPentel Co
On PromotionNo
TypePermanent Markers
Warranty5 Year Warranty
ContentsPack of 12 pens
Ink ColourBlack
Ink TypePermanent
Line Width2.2mm Line
Single or Twin TipSingle
Tip ShapeBullet Tip
Barrel FeatureRobust Aluminium
Country of OriginJapan
Plastic Content As % Of The Product10 percent
Recycled Plastic As % Of The Product0 percent
Is The Product Recyclable?Recyclable in some locations or in part
Is The Product Refillable?No
Plastic Content As % Of The Packaging0 percent
Recycled Plastic As % Of The Packaging0 percent
Is The Packaging Recyclable?Yes
Is The Packaging Designed To Be Reusable?No
Tip TypeBonded Fibre Tip


Barrel colour matches ink colour
Black ink
Bonded fibre tips retain their shape
Bullet tip 4.3mm giving an approximate line width of 2.2mm
Bullet tip 4.3mm tip gives approximately a 2.2mm line width
Can be used on nearly all surfaces including metal, wood, glass, card or plastic
Durable permanent marker
Heavy duty with tough aluminium barrel
Ink colour: Black
New fine point and extra broad tip
Our No 1 range for many years
Pack of 12
Pack of 12 pens
Quick drying weather resistant ink
Robust aluminium barrels
Robust permanent marker with a strong aluminium barrel
Vivid waterproof ink
Will write on almost any surface including cardboard plastic metal wood and glass
Will write on almost any surface including cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, glass

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